Now more than ever it is essential to recognize any signs of stress in the workplace.

Do not delay and take action when you notice stress!

Take a look at the most common signs of stress below.

Signs of Stress:

  • Poor Time Management
  • Poor Communication
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of Assertion


Poor Time Management

This in other words are what we label as "procrastinators".

A procrastinator thinks rather than do. Essentially time runs out and things may be rushed and stress levels increase.

Know poor time management stems from boredom and lacking confidence.

You are capable of doing things in a timely manner.


  • Break your tasks into smaller parts.
  • Create 2 different to-do lists.
    • One is for short term tasks! Think of tasks that are due within a week's span.
    • The other is for long term tasks. Think of tasks within a month's span. Place these in your personal calendar.


Poor Communication

As you constantly hear, "Communication is key".


  • Avoid taking unnecessary work. Especially if it does not help you fulfill your objective. That work can be done by others.
  • Learn to say "NO".



One is prone to miss deadlines which is not good and will cause stress. It can also make you late for important appointments.

Do not confuse your poor organization skills with thinking it's due to an overload of work.


  • To-do list - Start it at the beginning of the day. Check off all that is completed as you go throughout the day. By the end of the day review it.
  • Do 1 thing or task at a time
  • Give your deadlines even if you do not have any officially established


Lack of Assertion

Things will remain unclear and you begin to speculate. You will question if that specific task is really necessary rather than taking action and do.


  • Learn to say, "I do not know"
  • Learn to say "I do not understand"


Communicate to gets things done and not create stress!

To reduce stress at work remember to have the following:

  • Good time management
  • Excellent communication
  • Great organization skills
  • Be assertive!




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