Past Self: Are You Ready For The Challenge?

I remember that day exactly. It was summer. Such a blissful day. No need for direction or reason.

Today as I was cleaning up my closet when I came across my old photographs of when I was in my early 20s.



It made me stop and think, I had a breakthrough while looking at myself in those photos. So naive, so lost, and uncertain.

And I came to a realization that she has to go through all she went through to become present Amy.

At times we avoid going back to our past because it was not the best part of our life. And guess what?

Visiting our old self is part of the healing. I’ve done so many exercises and meditations in my Personal development journey and I know I had to go back to let go and forgive.

However, this time looking at my old photographs gave me a different kind of feeling.

My breakthrough was realizing that my old self, this time, resembles my current clients and students.

connected more with my old self just by looking at those photos.

Remembering when I didn’t have the answer to most of my questions. I simply didn’t know what I wanted in life and I felt like I was stuck.

But believe me, I didn't even know that I was stuck at that time😅

I placed a current photo next to my old photo and I reflected. I now look better and feel healthier. 

The look in my eyes is now different. The wisdom and knowledge I reached flourished more beauty to my soul.

You might think this is really not a big deal but I thanked my old self for bringing me here today.

And I promised my old self that I will help more women. Now that I remember the frustration and the pain. 


Are You Ready For This Challenge?


I invite you today to:

  • Go back to your photo album and reflect on your past decisions, choices and memories that led you to today 


  • Get your 2021 vision board ( if you don’t have one check my YouTube video I made a video about how to create a vision board ) and reflect between your past and your present.


  • Call someone from your childhood or an old friend and thank them for being in your life


  • If you have a child in your family sit them down and tell them a story from the past and what you learned from it.


I have failed many times. Whether it was in finance or relationships. The good news is everyone fails. Know it’s normal. It’s certainly predictable.

It’s a matter of taking those failures and turning them into lessons. Next time you feel like you’ve failed, take a minute to reflect and meditate.

After meditating, keep moving forward!


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