Do You Need a Booking Page for Your Website?

Does Your At Service Based Business Need a Booking Page?

Do you own an a service-based business? Cleaning companies are service-based businesses!

Rather than advertising a main location, you reach out to customers by going to them.

Focus on the service areas you can work. Provide your potential customers a location range of how far you can travel. 

An important feature to have to book for your services is a website.

Depending on your budget make a website that best fits your needs.

To start, you can try out or

A simple website layout for your cleaning business is to have a homepage, specific page(s) for your service(s), and a policies page.


Is it good to have a Book page in your website?

Some cleaning companies have a booking page.
No, do not do it!!

  • If someone uses that system they will book online with a specific date and time.
  • Notifications may not always appear.
  • Or someone books after hours and they book for the following day and the notification doesn't arrive until the next day and now you have to find the cleaners.

Instead use a Form of Request.

  • Have potential clients hear back from you to complete the booking.
  • That is how to maintain control.

If you have a booking page it is like a hotel.
You cannot book a hotel room and you go to the hotel and they say "hey I have to call you back to confirm".
That is not how that works!

Avoid bad and unnecessary reviews it is recommended to not use a booking page.

Create a form that asks for the proper information to submit and you reply to get the booking and accommodate to your availability.


A form does not guarantee a request on the spot! It will return the booking process back to you. You will be able to control and see accurate availability you can offer to the potential client.


Take steps to create  your business pages and websites.



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