Gratitude is a healing energy.

It has the power to energize, to heal, and to bring hope.

It allows us to attract more of what we want and to be in the vibration of abundance

Today, as we close off the month of August, I am grateful for the growth my cleaning company witnessed.

Although it was not easy to come back after the stay home order, my team and I came back so driven to build and support each other and our community.

I am grateful for Mops To Millions. Grateful to watch new beautiful faces join every month and have them believe in themselves to start and grow their business.

I am grateful for the journey of empowering women from all over the world. I am living my dream and feel so humbled to connect at a deeper level with more women. Women who continue to impress me daily.

Besides Gratitude I plan my September by setting my Intentions

This is done by declaring how many members I want to have in each of my programs, how many new clients for my cleaning business, and how much profit we are generating.

My team and I started tracking data and budgeting on a weekly and monthly basis. 

This brings me to the following:

Consider a budget journal to write down your success in numbers!


Here is my budget journal that I keep close to me to know my numbers.

If you want to create financial freedom, please pay attention to your numbers and know them like the palm of your hand!


My challenge to you is this: 

Make a list of all the things you are proud of, grateful for, humbled by, blessed etc. for the month of SEPTEMBER

What happened this month that makes you so grateful? 

Do not confuse gratitude with being nice. It's not only about showering someone with "thank you". It's not a checklist to mark off. 

Expressions of gratitude must be genuine and specific.

Also plan your month of October by setting a list of your intentions in both personal and business.

Write the list(s). Put it up on your wall.

Take a picture of it and tag me on instagram so I can celebrate with you!


Be sure to grab your Mastering Customer Service worksheet before the price increases! Don't miss out!

Are you in?


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