How to use Social Media to build clients

Your Business social media pages are very important to drag potential buyers, they are the face of your company! Customers will look you up on Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) before even looking at your website. These days almost everyone owns a smartphone where they have access 24/7 to their FB and IG.


These are my 5 tips for you to get more engagement and sell on your social media pages:


1. You must build a business page separately from your personal profile. However, make sure to include your business page on your personal bio to attract more traffic to your company page.


2. Include real pictures of you and your cleaning crew at real job sites. Customers like to buy from real people, they want to see you and connect with you.


3. Consistently post and rotate your content between ( before & after) pictures, from cleaning tips to pictures of your team.


4. Be generous with what you post and give tips to your customers to maintain their homes and offices in-between visits.


5. Build an inner circle, closed groups, within your page for your cleaners and office team to stay connected and for announcements, promotions, or even to stay up to date with the business.


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