Imagine waking up 5 years into your company and still scrubbing toilets.

If you have been a Cleaner or a Housekeeper for a while like myself you may feel Happy simply because it means the more toilets you clean the more money you make. 


However, you are not supposed to work hard. You are supposed to work smart!
And working smart means:
  • Replacing yourself. 
  • Use time wisely. 
  • Invest in your knowledge as a leader and as a business owner.

What really attracted me to cleaning in the first stages of my business was my freedom. 
  • I chose to clean as many homes as I wanted and as long or short as I wanted.
  • I made cash daily.
  • I had no boss.
  • I was able to be with my kids every single day. I could pick them up after school on time and cook dinner for them.
Sounds good right?

I felt STUCK after my 5th year as I had to work so hard to keep my old clients. Clients that were getting a divorce, selling their home or moving to another state.
I was not getting enough new customers.

My savings were nonexistent. I had no time to network and promote my company.
I was physically too tired and the same routine started to drain me.

And those business cards (I passed on my way out of each home I cleaned) seemed like they were doing no help.
I started my visualization journey using my imagination.
I daydreamed of where I was going to be in one year, two years, three from now.
I hired the top FREE best coaches in the world.
Well, they were my rich clients. 
While I served them coffee or cleaned the lunch table many had business meetings. I would listen carefully to how they talked, pitched, and negotiated.
By looking at their wall boards I noticed how they organized their days and weeks (all for free) while I made money working.

My days consisted of journaling and planning daily.

I learned how to take inventory of my assets and my liabilities (A great tool to know how you can outsource and ask for support)
I created a simple training system based on my own experience.
  • Daily for 15 minutes, I would go on the internet to study Human Resources for free (of course on YouTube).
  • I started to dress up nicely. I wore a nice white polo shirt, black pants, and dressed my hair in a neat ponytail. 
  • I taught myself a better posture, have a nice smile, and smell fresh all the time.



This may sound out of topic but was very helpful: 

Sleep 8 hours daily!

I slept a full 8 hours daily (A challenge as a single mom)
I used to spend the nights doing laundry or cooking.
I often thought, "Where am I going to get more money for this month’s rent?"
Appropriate sleep helped me wake up with so much positive energy.
It helped me move faster out of that dark area of my personal and business life.
So, if YOU want to hear more stories about my journey in the business or YOU want to learn the mindset techniques and exercises that make your day a breeze join Mops To Millions.

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