Over the past year I have practiced an essential exercise. Once a month I take a long weekend break.

Do not get me wrong I could easily take a break at home but the challenge is a break from social media.

This means I have to disconnect and keep cool in this California heat!

I disconnect from all social media by turning off my phones, computers, tablets, and TVs.

By disconnecting I humble myself and practice silence.

Realizing I have my family with me, I slowly implemented practicing silence as an exercise. 

An exercise that I've developed to be flexible.

It could be as little as one, two, three hours or be the entire day and night.

Instead of reaching for a specific amount of time I adapt to the time I truly have on my weekends.

You see, when you shut all background voices you will finally listen to your own pure unique voice.

You will submerge into a deeper level of Self-connection and Awareness.

This past weekend I designed my meditation space in my own home.

It is a safe small space where I can simply sit, practice meditation, and journal.

Without restricting myself I am really enjoying this journey.

A journey of being self-aware, cautious, and spending some time alone reflecting.

Reflecting on my week at work that can go as hectic as living with 3 teenagers.

Reflecting on the person I am. The person who all her friends, family members, followers, students, employees, and clients come to ask for advice.

When I receive messages and comments, as I am growing many communities of female entrepreneurs from all over the world, I can only feel humble and warm.

These are female entrepreneurs that are ready to take action and grow in so many aspects of their lives.

And for me to enjoy watching being part of that journey really makes my life worth living.

It is not only about my personal and financial goals but now it is about waking up every single day and asking myself, “Who am I?”, “What is my message?”, and “Why would she care?”.

If you own a small business or have a small audience that you work every single day to influence (leave an impact on) please ask yourself these 3 questions:

Who am I?

What is my message?

Why would she/he care?


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