Do you see yourself smaller than others or less? Are you constantly comparing yourself with others?

Listen to me when I say that you really need to STOP NOW!  STOP!


Thanks to my mother I do not remember lots of times when I saw myself less than others.


Growing up she often used to brag about me and my siblings all day long to her relatives.


This taught me a lot of confidence.


However, she had high expectations when it came to academics.


Amel, my childhood friend, was the first of the class (my school was ranked in numbers).


I constantly made efforts in showing that I was top ranked but she would state "OK but you are not the first" 


This engraved me with the ideology that "Yes, I am OK but I am not the first one"


I grew up with that mindset and created my own limiting belief that I am not the best and others are better than me.


I used to see myself smaller than others and sooner or later I was in my early 30s wanting to flip the table and actually wanting to become the best.


So I had a shift in mindset. Rather than thinking others were better than me, I saw myself better than others.


I saw myself much more beautiful. More successful.


I created a successful young entrepreneur who created multiple seven figure businesses.


I saw the progress in different areas of my life...


my body, my health, my relationships, my marriage, my business, and I thought I am better than everybody.


Yet something was still missing.

I was not the happiest.

I did not trust people.

I thought I knew it all.


And I still believed that I am better than others and they were a waste of my time.


It was not until September 2017 when I signed up for the life success course at PSI seminars that everything changed.


After seven days of being on a ranch among 80 strangers, I broke through everything.

I learned how to trust people.

I accepted that I cannot do it alone.

I am loved.

I am supported.

I do not have to work hard.

The world is a nice place to share it with others who care and love me.


Those 80 individuals who were once strangers became brothers and sisters.


Because of them I could break through all my limiting beliefs, accepting people again in my life, and opening my heart again by risking, being vulnerable, and honest.


Then it started my new journey of balance, happiness, money, wealth, health, relationships. I had it all.


That’s when I saw myself just like I saw others.


We are equal.

We are one. 

I was in power.


I allowed myself to see the light in others and see myself through them. I remembered that we are all one. 


I was being called upon to embody unity consciousness as a source of power in the world.


And this is very empowering for me now that I have the pleasure of coaching thousands of women all over the world.


I do not see myself less than or better then.


I just see myself in them and I see them in me.


They look up to me because they can relate. They see themselves in me.





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