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My name is Amy Mikhaiel, I teach women how to start and grow their cleaning companies. Mops To Millions™ is a comprehensive coaching program where I extract 12 years of proven tools, resources, and strategies needed to make a 7 figure company. I mastered the cleaning industry, Amy's Angels Cleaning, Inc., and made it so easy and simple for you to do it too!

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"My name is Karina, I have attended Amy’s Mops to Millions seminars, I’m also a member of her coaching mopstomillions.com, and I tune in for her Facebook lives. I have to say I am so grateful for Amy. I was in the process of selling my business and she saved me from making the worst decision ever, she invited me to her seminar and my mindset completely switched. There are always solutions, to those struggles. That is what Amy teaches! She cares about you and the growth of your business, and she doesn’t want you to give up. She inspires! I think those are valuable traits to have. I know that there are other cleaning owners that are dealing with the same situations and we could brainstorm together to find a solution. I am part of a family and a sisterhood. That is all thanks to amazing Amy!"

Karina Montalvan
Owner Pixie Dust Cleaning Services & CEO of Lean On Us Staffing

"Where do I start??? I can't thank God enough for putting Amy on my way!! She hasn't only helped me with the crazy idea of starting a business, she has also helped me to go through my fears and insecurities; but most important on healing my soul. I highly recommend Amy, to anybody who wants to take to another level their business or start a business!! Amy I love you! Keep shining like a Diamond!"

Bessi Hercules
CEO of Hercules Cleaning Services

"As the owner of a successful cleaning business, I was looking for a coach to help me take my business to the next level. It is my mission to grow and expand in my way that not only enriches my life, but the lives of my team, community and clients. It's is important to me that the coach I work with had grown a business herself. Much of what I do can't be understoon in theory, it's only understood in practice (much like parenting). Prior to interviewing Amy, I interviewed 3 highly recommended coaches and was quite discouraged. I instantly connected with Amy as she really seemed to see me as an individual and not just a way to make money. She heard me and immediately began helping me. I've been in the industry for 16 years and within the 1st few minutes of taking with Amy she helped me gain a fresh perspective. I knew almost immediately that this was a woman I wanted to work with and that she would not only help me obtain my goals, but that she has a vision that aligns with mine. What I noticed immediately was that she was authentic and raw. She has excellent intuition and we were able to get to work immediately. "

Beth Eldredge
Owner and Founder at Eldredge Cleaning

"My name is Laila and I am the owner of TriValley Cleaning Squad, I recently attended one of the Mops To Millions Cleaning Business Women's workshop. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing fembossses that own and operate their own cleaning businesses. I was blown away by the inspiration in the community. The speakers were diverse, authentic and worthy of attention and worthy of my attention and I just loved the talks and the hospitality. Amy is truly amazing at what she does, she is extremely an ethical person. I am impressed by her knowledge of marketing, sales and social media. Her vast experience and skills along with her encouragement and personal attention helped me define what it is I want with my company and then build towards that. "

Owner of TriValley Cleaning Squad

"Elevate with Amy was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet other beautiful women, all cleaning business owners and to connect with them. We all had the chance to ask questions and learn tips to improve our business. I am truly looking forward to her next workshop!!"

Owner of Magnolia Maids

"Amy Mikhaiel you're so good in what you do. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and passion for the cleaning industry. I can't wait to see what this 2020 hold for my company. Having a you as a coach has been a blessing for me, not only because you're a great coach is because you speak from the bottom of your heart. Love you I recently attended Amy Mikhaiel workshop for cleaning businesses. I am amazed with the support and all the knowledge that I received in this event. Networking with all these amazing entrepreneurs women was definitely and eye opening for my business. I learned how to apply new systems and rules for our company. They took the time to answer everybody's question with the highest professionalism. Amy is an amazing business coaching, her passion is one of a kind. She will guide you step by step in how to grow your cleaning company for huge success...I am so delighted with the fresh energy that this workshop provided to our business. I will highly recommend her coaching to everyone of you reading this testimonial. I can't wait to attend the next cleaning business workshop. Thank you Amy for your dedication and sharing your heart with all of us. You're awesome."

Celia Reyes de Gavidia
President of California Well Done Cleaning Services

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Nixie Marie

CEO of Nixie Dust Cleaning


Yesica Moreno

CEO of M&P Cleaning Services

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